Create a PDF

Creating a PDF file is easy and works with many file types.

A PDF is a useful format – it saves the formatting of a document so that you can be sure that the person receiving it is viewing it correctly and that they cannot make changes to it.

Try Primo PDF – this is a free PDF creator software.  You can download it here –>

  • Click on the free download
  • Install the software on your computer
  • After you have installed it – try it out.  For example – open up a WORD document Spreadsheet, or powerpoint file
  • Then click on FILE – PRINT — and you will see PRIMO PDF as one of your listed printers.
  • Select PRIMO PDF as your printer, click on BROWSE and decide on where you want to save your PDF file
Primo PDF Screenshot
Primo PDF Screenshot
Primo PDF Screenshot
  • Click on the CREATE button – and in a few seconds (depending on the file size) – you will see your PDF file.

You can use PDF files on your website, to send by email, to provide to your printing company when you are creating flyers or other publications.

You can also create a PDF from a web page following the same process. This is useful for saving an exact view of a web page to review later.

Please send any suggestions on other PDF software that you have tried and your comments.

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