Is Your Website Facebook Friendly?

Make it easy for people to use Facebook to share your web pages.

The number of people using Facebook continues to rise and businesses and nonprofits are learning to use it to reach their current friends and build a broader social network.

An active Facebook user will often share links to an interesting web page with their social network.  You can make it easy for them to do this by having your webmaster add a “Share this page on facebook

<a href=””>Share</a><script src=””></script>

See for explanation.  Add the code to each page of your website to make it easy for people to share with their friends.

Integrating your website with Facebook using this “share” widget is one way to bring additional visibility and traffic to your website.

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    • Hello Juegos – thanks for your comment. I have found Facebook Page to be very useful in broadening your audience, building interaction and promoting a brand. If you do a search on my blog I have a few postings that might be helpful.

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