Tips to Using WordPress to Create a Website

Your website a key piece to your communications strategy
Your website a key piece to your communications strategy

Your website a key piece to your communications strategy.  Designing your website, getting it setup and then managing updates all need to be considered when planning how to create and manage this key piece to your communications strategy.

You can use WordPress to create your website.

Here are a few tips to do this:

  1. First – plan your website.  What is the outline of main sections that you need?
  2. Select a THEME that includes MENUS.  The Twenty Ten / 11 / 12
  3. Use PAGES for content that is relatively static.  For example your ABOUT page, Contact page, services.
  4. Use POSTS for sections that you want to have as blog posts.  Assign a category to similar posts and you can select to show those posts on a menu item
  5. Add widgets to add functionality to the structure
  6. Research, select and register your domain name  e.g.
  7. Register your blog/website with Google webmaster, Bing, Networked Blogs and other search engines
  8. Add tags, categories and SEO meta tags to increase your search engine visibility.

Advantages of using a blog for your website:

  • Flexibility – you can add new pages, rearrange your menu, create sub pages to build sections, use posts for updates.
  • Blogs are search engine friendly
  • Add photos and videos for interest
  • Create links and resources for your readers
  • Build an audience and add subscribers
  • Build and manage content on your website

More information

Have you created a website using WordPress or other blogging platforms?  What pros and cons do you see?


Author: Denise Davies

Denise Davies works with business and nonprofits to plan and implement internet and media strategies that are effective in growing your audience, increasing donations, building your network, creating a credible web presence and providing education and training to use Internet and media tools effectively.