Using PicMonkey to create your Facebook Cover Image

Your Facebook personal profile and Facebook Pages can include a “cover image” which is 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall.  You can upload an image from your computer – but a few tweaks with and image editing program called PicMonkey can improve your image and help you to show a professional brand.

PicMonkey has a free version that you can use online.  No downloading required.  Additional features are available for a fee but you can create your Facebook timeline image using the free version.

Go to

Click on “Create an image” on the top left navigation bar.  Upload the image that you want to work on by navigation to your computer folders. Select an image that has a horizontal aspect (wider than tall).  You will see the image loaded in the central work pane.

PicMonkey - Edit photo
PicMonkey – Edit photo
PicMonkey Crop Photo
PicMonkey Crop Photo

On the left side are the tools to edit the image.   Click on CROP and on the down arrow select “Facebook Timeline”  – you will see the outline of the size overlaying your image.  Drag it around to show the best part of the image for your Facebook page.  Click APPLY when you are satisfied.

PicMonkey Crop Photo - select Facebook Timeline
PicMonkey Crop Photo – select Facebook Timeline
picmonkey 2 - crop photo3
PicMonkey – Move selected area on the photo

Now we will add some TEXT on the image.  You could add a message like “Happy New Year” or the name of your business, or your tag line.  To do this click on the “Tt” on the edit tools.   Then select the font you want to use.  Click in the box to add text and a text box appears on your photo – you can drag it around, resize it, change the font color and size with the font tool box that opens up.  Type in your text and work with it to make it readable on the background color of your image.   You can have more than one text box.

PicMonkey Add Text
PicMonkey Add Text
picmonkey 6 - add text2
PicMonkey – Modify Font and move the text box

Now SAVE your image on your computer.  You have 3 choices of size.  The middle one will give a good quality but small file size suitable for Facebook.   You can rename your image and also see the size of the file.

picmonkey 7 - save1
PicMonkey – Save the image
Facebook cover image
Finished image ready to upload to your Facebook page

There are other options that you can explore on PicMonkey – frames, effects, backgrounds, and touch ups.  You can even make a collage of multiple photos.  You may find PicMonkey to be a useful tool to optimize your photos for Facebook and other uses.



Author: Denise Davies

Denise Davies works with business and nonprofits to plan and implement internet and media strategies that are effective in growing your audience, increasing donations, building your network, creating a credible web presence and providing education and training to use Internet and media tools effectively.

  • Hi! Thanks for this great article:) How in the world do I do multiple text boxes with picmonkey?

    Please help.


    Desperate Lisa

    • HI Lisa – do 1 text box and then click again on the left column that says “Add Text” and another box should show up on your image. Hope this helps