WordPress Customized Comment Form

Hints about setting up and using the new customizable contact form on wordpress.

Word Press has added new functionality to the comment form builder.  Try this out to add functionality and 2 way communications to your blog.  NOTE – this posting is referring to your blog on WordPress.COM not on the self hosted WordPress.

  • You can add the form to get feedback, comments and suggestions by readers of your blog
  • You can set the email and subject heading that you want to use to receive the form output by email
  • You can also view the form results by clicking on the “Feedback” tab at any time in your Admin view of your WordPress dashboard.
  • To access the form builder – go to your POST or PAGE – and click on the “Add custom form” icon on the top right.


Wordpress contact form customization
Wordpress contact form customization
  • The standard fields are Name, email, website and comment.  You can delete, move or add additional fields.
  • You have the option to make fields required or not.
  • When adding a new field you can have check boxes, radio buttons, website, text area or drop down field.
Wordpress contact form new field
Wordpress contact form new field

Try it out and give your readers an easy way to communicate with you.

See the Customized form on this blog and use it to send me your comments and questions. –> Contact form


Denise Davies is an Internet and media consultant with Aleph Consulting.  She works with nonprofit organizations and small businesses to maximize their effective use of the Internet to build their organization and achieve their objectives.  If you have questions or would like to learn more contact by email at davies@alephinc.com

The power of blogging and social networks

Blogging and social networks can be a powerful combination in raising awareness and building support for a cause.

Bloggers and Social Networks can provide a powerful channel for getting the word out to raise support and awareness for specific causes. For example this campaign for “Bloggers Unite for Hunger and Hope” BlogCatalog members and Heifer International are partnering to call for the end of world hunger and start of hope on April 29. Their appeal is to join thousands of other bloggers and write a post about world hunger on April 29.You can make a difference. If you are a blogger you can participate in the campaign.

How to increase traffic on your blog

Now you have started your blog and are excited about the topics you are going to discuss. You want to increase the number of visitors and responses to your blog.

Here are a few tips that will help to increase your readership:


Now you have started your blog and are excited about the topics you are going to discuss.  You want to increase the number of visitors and responses to your blog.

Here are a few tips that will help to increase your readership:

  1. Content and postings – make regular postings – at least once per week.
  2. Review your stats – the blog software includes a basic statistics on visitors to your blog.  However there is not a great level of detail.  I would recommend also adding some other statistics counter.  I use www.statcounter.com — you can get more details on where the visitors come from, what their path is, if they are first time or repeat visitors.   Your stats over time will show you which topics generated the most interest and continue to bring you visitors. Experiment with different titles and topics until you see a pattern of interest.
  3. Add “tags” and “categories” to your postings.  The tags are the most effective indexing words – and you should use tags that are words in your postings – as well as additional tags that you think people will be posting on.
  4. Add a link to your blog in your email signature, your facebook page, your linked in profile, your website, your twitter profile, your email newsletter, your online articles, and any other online profiles that you may have.
  5. Spend some time seeing how you can post in one place and have it appear via RSS feeds and widgets on the different locations. This way you will end up doing less work – always a good thing 🙂
  6. Read and comment on OTHER blogs and social networks. – and be sure that you are showing your blog in your signature.  Your participation brings people from their blog over to your blog for more information

These are just some of the ways that you can increase your blog readership. Send me your favorite methods for increasing your blog traffic and we will all grow.  Fill in the comment form to reply.