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Welcome to the Internet & Media Strategies for nonprofits blog. Tips and strategies for nonprofits and small business to use the internet and media effectively to achieve their objectives.

Welcome to the Internet & Media Strategies for nonprofits blog. The tips and strategies on this blog I hope will help with improving the management, marketing and communications of nonprofits, associations and organizations through effective planning, design and development of Internet, Technology and Video.

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Stories are Powerful for Fundraising

Stories are a powerful means for reaching the heart of your audience.

Tell Your Story
Tell Your Story

Stories are a powerful means for reaching the heart of your audience.

This article has some excellent ideas on how to identify YOUR story and then how to use that story to effectively market your organization. The Rule of Three’s For Nonprofits – Nonprofit Marketing & Fundraising Storytelling Made Easy” In Marc Pitman’s article he discusses these key methods with some excellent and practical suggestions:

  1. Identify three authentic qualities about your organization;
  2. Identify three natural channels of communication; and
  3. Feed the three qualities into those three channels three times for the next three months.

I would add to the channels of communications a few more to the specifically Internet based communications. He mentions the website and ezines.  I would add blogs, articles in online ezines, your own enewsletter, participating in online forums, profile listings and participation on FaceBook and LinkedIN, and starting up a twitter profile. A video – or a series of short “story” videos can be a part of telling the story – on your website and on YouTube.

Your donors are often participating on the Internet and all these locations give you added channels for getting your story heard and seen.

Videos – Important for your organization?

Videos are an important method for getting your message out to a broad audience.

Video as a means of presenting your organization have become increasingly important.  This was always an effective method of presenting a message but in the past it was limited to specific occassions or limited audience presentations.

Now however video has become mainstream and is an effective part of the marketing mix.  Videos now can be used to reach out to a broad audience.  If you want to educate, inform, activate, promote your cause – videos are now a mainstream method for helping you do that.

Peering into 2009: 10 Predictions for Online Video – This has some interesting insights on past and upcoming scenarios for video — So, what’s in store for web video in 2009? Here are ten things that you can expect to see over the next twelve months.

See more examples of how organizations have used video.