Meet Virtually Advantages

In these days of social distancing many people have had experience of attending a ZOOM meeting. There are lots of advantages:

  • No travel time
  • Able to record the meeting
  • Able to record the chat
  • People can attend from all over the world
  • Save money and time

Zoom is available for anyone to setup an account and host a meeting of up to 100 attendees.

If you are the moderator of the meeting and the host you have control over setting up the time and who can attend.

You may prefer to have someone manage the following for your Zoom event:

  • Setup a registration page for people to register in advance. This is a good security practice vs posting the meeting link to the public.
  • Collecting the name and email address of people who have registered to attend.
  • Sending out an email invitation with the zoom link and details of the event
  • Sending out a reminder email shortly before the event with the link
  • Coaching the meeting presenters on audio and video
  • Monitoring the zoom “waiting room” and “chat room” during the event
  • Sending out a follow up email if you plan to record and share with attendees
  • Edit the recording to include title, details, and fine editing on audio and video
  • Posting the final video on your social media and website

Please contact me if you are interested in help with your Zoom event.