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The web
The web

The Internet has always been known as the “World Wide Web” and now this has actually come to be the true nature of the web. Yes – you do need a website to represent your organization. It is a key communications tool that if done effectively addresses the needs and interests of your target audiences. You can think of your website as the hub of the web and the various other tools and technologies and methods as the spokes and links on the web – email newsletters, blogs, your facebook and myspace pages, linkedIN, YouTube videos, online radio, eGroups that you belong to and various discussion forums. These online networking methods all work together to strengthen and draw people into your real relationship network. Of course you continue to augment these with the normal methods of meetings and phone calls and groups that you belong to, seminars and conferences and other face-to-face networking. What is exciting is the fact that these face-to-face encounters and new people can be added or invited to your online networks and you can more easily continue with building interest and knowledge about your mission and activities.

Al Gore at a recent conference on web 2.0 spoke eloquently on how the world wide web was an integral part of the strategy in the US election of Barack Obama. His campaign was successful in many ways because of his effective use of web technologies including YouTube with its full channel of videos, and all the interactivity of subscribers, friends, and “connections”. Facebook (One Million Strong for Barack), websites, and integration to television. Lively discussion forums, millions of subscribers, and many ways of interacting reached out in a very personal way to every corner of the nation – and the world. His “web” was integral to communication of mission, informing people, generating funds, and getting people out to vote.

Facebook Tip – Groups

If you already have created your organization facebook page that is a good first step, or you can start from your own personal facebook page. The next step is to create a GROUP. People can signup and become a part of your group – or you can choose to make a closed group. Multiple administrators can be assigned that will help in managing and adding content to the group. A group can setup events, upload images and videos, have a discussion forum and interact with members. (

Another way to expand your network is to SEARCH on groups to find other groups that may share common interests with you. Signup for their groups and invite them to take a look at your group. Participate in their discussion forums, post questions and introduce yourself to the group.

Facebook me!

Facebook AdWords

If you are already a member of facebook you may have noticed the small icon on your page that says “Ads and Pages”.  If you are selling or promoting any product or service take a look at this. (

The FaceBook ads can point to a page on facebook – or can point to your own website or any URL of your choice.  You type in the title, text of the ad and optionally add an image.  Then you create the PROFILE of the type of person you would like to target the ad to.  This is quite a sophisticated but easy to use set of questions – you can select for example

  • Male or female
  • Age group
  • Education level
  • Geographic location
  • Special interest keywords

As you select each of these – or leave them blank – you will see the size of the target audience that can potentially see your ad.

For payment – you select if you want to pay according to the number of people who VIEW the ad – or the number of people who CLICK on the ad and go to the URL you provided.  You can define the maximum amount you want to spend per day (the minimum amount is $ 5 per day). And you can also select how much you are willing to spend “per click” – You will see a range of acceptable pricing.   So for example if you are willing to pay $.20 per click and have set your maximum at $ 5 per day – after 25 people click on your ad the ad would not be displayed again till the next day.

To be most effective you would want the URL that they click on, to have a specific “Call to Action” so you could determine the effecitveness of the ad.

You can also setup an “Ad Campaign” with variations on your ad so you can determine which is your most effect title, image, target groups, text and other variables.

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