5 Advantages of Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud computing solution that is quick and easy to use and has many advantages

1 – Using multiple computers
Working with multiple computers becomes very easy. Just setup your additional computers or login at dropbox online. If you use an iPad or iPhone for example you can identify these as additional devices that will have access to your filesĀ· Once you have linked your computers you will have access to the Dropbox files even if your 2nd computer is not connected to the Internet as long as the upload / download process has been completed.

When you use a computer at the library, the lab, the office or public kiosk – all you have to do is go to www.dropbox.com and login to your account and your files are immediately available to you. No more need to carry around files on a flash drive.

Your files are available on your iPad, your iPhone or any computer that has internet access.

2 – Backing up your files
Use Dropbox as a reliable backup system for your files. As you write and edit files continue to save your files in the Dropbox folder and sub folders and you will automatically backing up your files.

3 – Moving to new computer
When you move to a new computer it is often a hassle transferring your files. Using dropbox makes this much easier since you have access to your files from any computer.

4 – Collaborating on projects
Sharing your folder with individuals on your team is simple. You click on SHARE you can invite one or more people by entering their email addresses. Once they have registered with Dropbox they will be able to see the folder or file you are sharing and view, download or edit it. Dropbox keeps versions of your files so you are always able to see the version history.

Collaborating on a project becomes easier. When you share a folder with one or more persons everyone can upload and view files in the folder.

5 – Sharing Files
Dropbox makes it easy to share files with your friends and colleagues. There are automatic folders setup in dropbox if you want to use for public sharing of files or documents. Each document has a unique URL that you can use to share individual files. This can even be used as a URL for playing a video that you have stored in a Dropbox folder.

Getting Setup with Dropbox
Create your account at http://www.dropbox.com and do the very quick installation. This sets up dropbox as a folder on your computer.

Add some or all of your folders. You have 2GB of free space and there are option to buy extra space if you need it.

Just create a folder, then invite one or more friends to share the folder. You can setup the SHARE option either on your computer – or from your online dropbox.

They will be able to view the files online in their browser or download them or copy to another folder on their computer, It works well for sharing photos as there is a slideshow view mode.

As you create new files – add them to your dropbox folder on your desktop.

You get 2GB of free space when you start your account and if you need more space there are monthly and yearly payment plans. Each time you invite and a person starts up a Dropbox account then you get an additional 1GB of space added to your account.

There are many cloud solutions available but I have found Dropbox to be easy to use and offers solutions that are useful tools in your internet strategies.

If you have some creative ways that you use Dropbox to make your computing life easier please add your comments.

Additional help:
Dropbox introductory video and setup https://www.dropbox.com

About the Author:

Denise Davies works with non-profits and small businesses to plan and implement internet and media strategies that are effective in growing your audience, increasing donations, building your network, creating a credible web presence and providing education and training to use Internet and media tools effectively.