Creating a Menu in WordPress

You may want to setup a menu on your WordPress blog or perhaps you have setup your website using WordPress.  Having a menu is a good idea for organizing your content and making navigating your site easy for your visitors.

Here are a few tips on organizing to create a menu

Your Plan

When you are designing your website or blog – think of how the content should be organized. What are the main headings – what topics would fit under these main headings. As your website grows having an organized structure is a real help to the visitors so they can find information easily.   It also helps you as you add new pages and posts to know where you will put them.

Using Pages and Sub Pages

When you create a new page in WordPress you can assign it as a main page or a sub page.

Using Categories

Assigning a category is a first step in being able to create a menu item from your POSTS. Think about your categories and how they relate to the major topics of your blog or website. For example on the Out and About Nova Scotia website – PLACES is a category. Any new post that has to do with a PLACE is assigned this category and a place name is assigned as a sub-category. See the PLACES menu with its sub categories.

Managing Categories

If you wish to rename, delete of change a category you will find this under POSTS – CATEGORIES on your dashboard.   This is also a good place to see the overview of all your categories and the number of POSTS assigned to each category and the hierarchy.

Manage categories

Managing your Menu

The Menu manager is found under Appearances on your dashboard. On the left you see a list of all the PAGES you have created. Click the check box(es) next to the pages you want to add to the menu and drag them onto the menu on the right. Then reorder the pages according to your plan. You can make sub pages by indenting a page under another page.

If you wish to add a CATEGORY as a menu item – select the category from the list that you see when you click on “Categories” on the bottom left section. Then select the category you want and add it to the menu on the right.

Be sure to SAVE your menu.

You can select to add your pages automatically when you create them – or each time you want a new page on the menu go through the steps above. You can rearrange pages and posts as your site grows.

menu managae

Categories Widget

Use the CATEGORIES widget to add a categories drop down list with number of posts on your sidebar. This works well if you have a lot of categories and gives a good overview for the website visitor

Categories widget

Places category

menu outandabout





Facebook Lists – Manage Your Facebook Friends

Why use lists

Lists on your Facebook Home Page

In Facebook you may have many different types of friends that share different interests with you.

Lists help you to easily view posts by friends that you select to put on a list.  You might want a list for your family, people you work with, specific interest groups etc.

Lists also help you to direct YOUR posts to friends who are really interested in the topic you are posting about – rather than posting to PUBLIC since not everyone is interested in all your topics.

How to create a list

Create a Facebook List
Create a Facebook List

On your HOME page of Facebook – on the left side is a section called “Lists” this usually includes “Family” and maybe others if you have already created lists.

Click on the “Lists” heading – and on the top right of the page you will see “Create list” – click on this.


In the “Members” area = type in a name or part of a name and a list of friends will come up that you can add. Just add a few using this method and you can add more later.


You will now see that list and any POSTS from members of that list – it makes it an easy way to see posts by specific lists of your friends.

You can also add more people to this list at any time by ADDING the suggested names – on the right side of the page.

Adding people to a list

View the list

On the top right you will see different people suggested for the list – click on the ADD icon.  Click on the “See more” to get more suggestions

Manage Facebook List

Removing people from a list

Step 1 – click on See All

Click on the small X on the top right of the person image you want to remove – they will be removed from the list you are managing – but they will still be on your Friends list.

Remove from list

Another way to remove someone from the list

While viewing the POSTS from your lists – you can click on the small icon to the top right of the posting and choose to REMOVE the person from this list.  They still will be a Facebook friend.

Remove via POST on list

Posting to a list and Sharing

Although there is no direct method to send a MESSAGE to the members of your list, when you create a POST (Update Status) on the top right you can select a list that will see the posting.   You may find this useful if a posting is specifically of interest ot targeted at a specific group.

You can also use this for SHARING posts with a specific list of friends.

Share with your list

About the Author:

Denise Davies works with non-profits and small businesses to plan and implement internet and media strategies that are effective in growing your audience, increasing donations, building your network, creating a credible web presence and providing education and training to use Internet and media tools effectively.