Adding a Table to a WordPress Blog

How to insert a TABLE into a WordPress blog posting.

A couple of people have asked about if it is possible to add a TABLE to a WordPress Blog and how to do it.

It is quite simple:

  • Write your content in a MS Word document and make the table that you want there as usual (Insert – Table)
  • Then start your Blog posting and write any introductory text
  • Do a COPY of your table in Word (Ctrl+C) – and then go to your blog.  On the edit icons click on the “Paste from Word” and paste your table in your blog.
Word press - add a table using "Paste as Word"
Word press - add a table using "Paste as Word"
  • If you look at the HTML tab you will see that all the coding is done to create a table in your blog.  Click on the PREVIEW button to preview your posting.
  • NOTE – if you do not see the 2nd row of icons in your post editor, click on the last icon “Show / hide the kitchen sink” – this gives you the additional row of editing icons.
Show Kitchen Sink Icon
Wordpress - Show Kitchen Sink Icon

Example (this is from an upcoming blog comparing the 2 versions of WordPress.  This shows what a three column table looks like –>

Cost WordPress is free but you pay for hosting from some 3rd party hosting company Free.  Hosted by no charge for hosting or setting up and running blog
Ease of use Having some experience with is helpful.  Many of the widgets and plugins have to be installed to get the same functionality as on Comes with the most commonly used widgets and themes.  Easy to learn to use and administer.

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