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I have now moved the blog to new hosting and using WordPress.COM and using the domain name


If you have been following previous posts about comparing the 2 versions of WordPress you will see the pros and cons of this.  The WordPress.ORG is giving me some additional programming functions that make it possible to display some types of materials not possible before.

I hope that those who were following the Internet Strategies blog before will continue to follow and re subscribe.  I have been able to change the URL on Networked Blogs (on Facebook) so followers from that stream should continue to receive notice of new postings.

I am interested to receive your comments and if you are seeing anything that isn’t working on this new format – images, links or anything else that doesn’t look like it is displaying correctly.  If you do see an error could you please send me the URL of the page, the problem and what browser you are using.

Thanks and I hope to continue posting on ideas, tips and strategies for nonprofits and organizations that are looking for methods to use the many facets of the Internet to grow your organizations.   The new domain name for the blog reflects this   “YOUR INTERNET STRATEGIES”


Denise Davies is an Internet and media consultant.  She works with nonprofit organizations and small businesses to maximize their effective use of the Internet to build their organization and achieve their objectives.  If you have questions or would like to learn more contact through the contact form

Welcome to Your Internet Strategies

Welcome to the Internet & Media Strategies for nonprofits blog. Tips and strategies for nonprofits and small business to use the internet and media effectively to achieve their objectives.

Welcome to the Internet & Media Strategies for nonprofits blog. The tips and strategies on this blog I hope will help with improving the management, marketing and communications of nonprofits, associations and organizations through effective planning, design and development of Internet, Technology and Video.

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Webinars and Teleseminars: Benefits to Nonprofits

Teleseminars and webinars open the doors to expanding your network, providing education and training to clients and prospects, creating information products that you can distribute, meet and interact with people around the globe, and at the same time save money.  This article will use Instant Teleseminar as an example of one of the systems that is available for starting your own teleseminars.

Teleseminars - networking and education
Teleseminars - networking and education

Teleseminars use the telephone and the internet. You and one or more co-hosts can present your topic using the phone and your attendees listen by phone.  It is similar to a conference call but there are more facilities and control on the interaction.

A webinar has a visual component – and you may be using a powerpoint or other documents that the audience can view and you can control.

There are several different ways you can use a teleseminar.  You may be educating your audience on a topic, introducing them to one of your products or services, or you may find it works for you as a way of meeting with colleagues and work groups that may be scattered geographically.  You can consider using it for board meetings for your organization if the board members have to come from a distance.  A teleseminar is also an excellent way to interview and present experts and resources as a benefit to your target groups.

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