Tips to Grow Your Facebook Page LIKES using Organic (Free) Strategies

So you have launched your Facebook Page.  You want to get the word out about your products, services or your organization.  BUT nothing happened! You have a few LIKES but want and need to get more.

Here are a few tips of FREE things you can do to get the word out.  These tips use organic social media tools that will get you moving:

  • Invite Friends – you will find the link to do this on the left column of your page. You will see a list of your Facebook friends and select the ones that you want to invite.
  • Email Invitations – use your email program to send your contacts information about your new Facebook page and a LINK to the page. Encourage them to take a look and to LIKE and SHARE it.
  • Put social media icons on your website or blog that link to your Facebook Page.
  • Integrate your Facebook Page with your website so that it displays the active posts from your page directly on your website.
  • Make a TWEET on Twitter and include the link to your Facebook Page and encourage people to LIKE and SHARE. Do this on a regular basis as you add Posts on your Page.
  • SHARE your Facebook Page on Groups that you are a member of. Remember to follow the rules of the group and only post if it is appropriate.
  • Contact partners and well-wishers and ask them to LIKE and SHARE.
  • Like and SHARE posts from others – as your Facebook PAGE when these are appropriate to your target audience.


Before inviting people to LIKE and SHARE your Facebook Page be sure to do these important steps:

  • Take a look at your Facebook Page design – does it have an appealing header (cover image) and profile image?
  • Check the ABOUT section and fill in all the information
  • Make at least 3-5 Posts using text, links, images and video (if you have it) Show the value of the Page to your visitor so they will decide to LIKE the page.

I hope these tips help you get started on building your Page LIKES.  I will be writing a more detailed description of exactly how to do each of the items above.  So click on this following link to be sure to see the more detailed article.

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Best of success to you
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How to Schedule Facebook Posts

You have some time late at night or on the weekend to work on Posts for your Facebook Page. You have lots of content you want to post.

You don’t want to annoy your followers by having too many posts in a row.

You do want to have the posts go out when people are most likely to see them.

How to:

  • On the post area – click on the down arrow next to the POST button and choose the “SCHEDULE” option.
  • You can schedule any date / time starting from 10 minutes from the current
  • Once you post is scheduled you can EDIT your post. This is useful for reviewing how the post will look, edit and finalize changes.
  • You can then choose to PUBLISH now – or reschedule. The schedule option doesn’t allow you to add more photos.

NOTE – this function is available on Facebook Pages to the page ADMINS

An online course “

3 Ways to Improve your Linkedin Profile

Linkedin reaches 200 million members

Linkedin according to statistics in January 2013 now has over 200 million members. More than 13 million members joined in the previous year.  The site is available in 19 languages and more than 64% of Linkedin members are located outside of the USA.

Your Linkedin profile is indexed quickly on Google.  To get benefit from your Linkedin profile take the following steps:

–          Login to LinkedIn
–          Click on your VIEW PROFILE and review it – this is a view that others will see when they look at your profile.  Then go to EDIT profile and check on the following

  • Experience – have you updated your employment? Under employment you can also add specific PROJECTS that illustrate a more detailed view of your experience
  • Skills & Expertise – this is a simple way to add specific skills to your profile. You type in a keyword and Linkedin suggests related key word skills that you can add.  These skills will also be viewed by your contacts on a random basis and they can click on the skills that they wish to endorse for you.
  • Recommendations – look for Linkedin contacts that you have worked with as a colleague or they have been your client.   You can request that they write a brief recommendation for you.  When they write it, the recommendation comes to you for approval before it gets posted on your profile.  It is a good idea to write recommendations for some of your key contacts.  They will appreciate it.

There are many ways to add to your Linkedin Profile – set aside some time each month to review your profile and add to it, interact through groups and forums, add new connections and review.

What is your favorite Linkedin story? Have you made new contacts and connections?  Have you expanded your professional connections?  Feel free to add your comments and suggestions.

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