Inviting Your Friends to a Facebook Event

You have received an invitation to an event that someone setup on Facebook and you have clicked on the JOIN or MAYBE.   You can now invite your own friends to attend the event as long as the Event Administrator has allowed this.

It is a great networking opportunity to do this and the friends you select will receive an invitation to the event.  This is a good social media practice.

In this example note on the left it says “public” and you have selected “going” and then you see the “invite friends” button just below the header image.

FB Event invite friends 01





When you click on the “invite friends” you can type in a friends name, browse all of your friends, or select a LIST e.g. by geographic area or interest if you have setup your lists.  Then click the small check box next to the friends that you think would be interested in the event.

FB Event invite friends 02That’s all that is to it – you have invited some of your friends to the event.  This is a quick and easy way to SHARE and INVITE specific Facebook Friends to an event.

Social media provides many ways to network virtually with the friends you meet in the real world.

New Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups have a new look. The layout seems easier to use – both for the group administrator and for the members of the group.

Yellow flower at dawnFacebook Groups have a new look.  The layout is easier to use – both for the group administrator and for the members of the group.  It has more the look of your personal Facebook or FB Pages.

Now when you visit a FaceBook Group – the Wall shows postings by the administrators and the members of the group.  On the left side as the Admin you can display information about the group.  Adross the top are tabs to different areas setup for the group.

You can create an EVENT for your group and send out invitations to people in your Facebook friends, or invite by email.

Check that you are linking to your website – and on your website that you include a “Share on Facebook” link to get more interaction between your facebook group and your website.