3 Ways to Improve your Linkedin Profile

Linkedin reaches 200 million members

Linkedin according to statistics in January 2013 now has over 200 million members. More than 13 million members joined in the previous year.  The site is available in 19 languages and more than 64% of Linkedin members are located outside of the USA.

Your Linkedin profile is indexed quickly on Google.  To get benefit from your Linkedin profile take the following steps:

–          Login to LinkedIn
–          Click on your VIEW PROFILE and review it – this is a view that others will see when they look at your profile.  Then go to EDIT profile and check on the following

  • Experience – have you updated your employment? Under employment you can also add specific PROJECTS that illustrate a more detailed view of your experience
  • Skills & Expertise – this is a simple way to add specific skills to your profile. You type in a keyword and Linkedin suggests related key word skills that you can add.  These skills will also be viewed by your contacts on a random basis and they can click on the skills that they wish to endorse for you.
  • Recommendations – look for Linkedin contacts that you have worked with as a colleague or they have been your client.   You can request that they write a brief recommendation for you.  When they write it, the recommendation comes to you for approval before it gets posted on your profile.  It is a good idea to write recommendations for some of your key contacts.  They will appreciate it.

There are many ways to add to your Linkedin Profile – set aside some time each month to review your profile and add to it, interact through groups and forums, add new connections and review.

What is your favorite Linkedin story? Have you made new contacts and connections?  Have you expanded your professional connections?  Feel free to add your comments and suggestions.

Denise Davies Linkedin Profile
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Newsletters and Social Media Mix

Constant Contact Email marketing + social media
Email marketing + social media

There has been some discussion online about whether you can or should replace your email newsletter with Facebook messaging.  I think the answer is NO — there is place for both in your marketing mix.  In your target audiences some people are more comfortable with email and others are more tuned in to Facebook and other social media.

Constant Contact, an online service for managing your email newsletters and announcements, has added a very useful feature that marries the two worlds so you can reach both arenas with no more work than a click on a check box when you send your email.   Add the social media links to your email and this enables your recipients to easily share it with their Facebook friends, tweet it, add it to LinkedIN or other social networks.  On your control panel you as administrator can also share and tweet the email.

Your internet presence is increasingly a web of interactions.  Ideally you should be driving traffic to your “Call to Action” and tracking conversion of traffic to the relationships you are developing and sales.


Denise Davies is an Internet and media consultant.  She works with nonprofit organizations and small businesses to maximize their effective use of the Internet to build their organization and achieve their objectives.  If you have questions or would like to learn more contact through the contact form


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