How does a nonprofit benefit from using LinkedIn

LinkedIN is a professional social network. The core of it is your own professional page. However if you are a manager of a nonprofit, you may be wondering how this can be useful to you and to your nonprofit.

LinkedIN is a professional online social network.  The core of it is your own professional page. However if you are a manager of a nonprofit, you may be wondering how this can be useful to you and to your nonprofit.  The following are some of the benefits that LinkedIN will give you and your nonprofit or NGO.

Once you have your own profile setup you can advance to these activities:

  • GROUPS – click on the groups link, and then do a SEARCH for your area of interest. Once you identify an interesting group take a look at the overview, number of members, discussion forums and Q&A.  If the group looks interesting click on the JOIN THIS GROUP link.  You will have to be then reviewed by the group administrator and you will receive an email that you are accepted and have access to the group activities.
    • On your main page you will start seeing a summary of group activites
    • Participate in the discussion forums
    • Answer questions that are in your area of expertise. Note that people often look at your profile so be sure to have it with a good amount of information about you and your organization.
    • Post questions – this is an excellent way to get feedback and suggestions from members of the group.
    • Send a request to individual members of the group to establish a LinkedIN contact with them.
    • After you have used groups for a while – you may even decide to start a group of your own.
  • Jobs – postings and finding job applicants
  • Event listings and RSVPs (through the APPS)

Anyone in a nonprofit that is an ED, DOD, Board member, Department Head, Programs head should seriously consider LinkeIN to build the network and Internet profile of your organization.

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Linked IN

I have been a member of the online networking site LinkedIn for several years but I wasn’t using it.  If someone invited me to join their network and I knew them – I would click and agree.  That was about it. Recently I decided to take a closer look and this appears to be a very useful networking platform to not only have your own network – but also to expand your network to new people who are in related professions, geographic area or who are related through your own contacts.

After you have your free registration – you login using your email address and password.  Your HOME page tracks recent activity – new connections you have made, links to people you might know – based on logic related to your profile contents, new connections that your network of people has made.

It is very easy to add new connections from your address book.  I was very leery of doing this as I dislike applications that take all your data and just blast out an email to everyone.  However I did a small test and it is very easy to use and lets you pick and choose who you will invite, add your own personalized messages – and you have a tracking page to see who has accepted your invitations, or any email addresses that didnt work.

If you haven’t tried it yet – it is worth a look.

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