Should Video be Part of Your Internet Strategy?


Here are just 6 statistics about video from the 50 statistics on the article from Insivia “50 video marketing statistics that you need to be aware of for 2013” see more

  1. According to ComScore, 45.4 percent of users viewed at least one video online over the course of a month and the average user spend over 16 minutes watching video ads in a month
  2. 86% of colleges and universities have a presence on YouTube, according to the University of Dartmouth.
  3. 90% of users say that seeing a video about a product is helpful in the decision process.
  4. 75% of executives watch work-related videos on business websites at least once a week.
  5. One minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words.
  6. According to Online Publishers Association, 80% of users recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days.

Using video is an effective way to engage with your customers, members and prospects.

Video engages people in a way that photos and text alone can’t. For small
business owners and nonprofit managers, using video in your marketing
can bring faces, voices, personality, and heart to your operation, while also
demonstrating your authenticity. To top that, on sites like Facebook, video
posts generate 100% more engagement than text-only posts.

Here are five reasons to add video to your marketing mix.

  1. Tell your story quickly:  People don’t have a lot of time, so you want to get your message across quickly. Video can communicate a lot of information in a short amount of time.
  2. Put a face to your business or organization: A video helps bring your business or organization to life, and it makes your communications more personal. Putting people on camera makes you and your team real to your customers and members.
  3. Get your readers to remember your message: Let’s face it: In general, we remember little of what we read. Our retention of a message is much better (estimates are three times better) when it includes pictures, sound, and motion. Your readers can only take action if they remember what you said.
  4. People enjoy video: People like to read, but they really like video. We watch TV, go to the movies, stream video content to our computers and mobile phones, and more.
  5. Creating your video is fun and easy to share: You can create your own videos or work with a partner.  Share your video is available on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, your own website and blogs.  Videos hosted on these sites can help your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts as they give sites like Google and Bing yet another  piece of content associated with your brand to crawl and serve up to the masses.

Some Examples

Welcome to your business.  Put a personal face on your business. Use this on your website, facebook page, play it at a trade show, share at a business networking meeting, ad to your blog.

Demo of a product or service.  Show how your product is made, how you carry out your services, add value to the product by showing the quality and details of how it is made.  Excellent for artists, artisans, creators of all types.

Tourist destination.  Show your area, environment, activities, experiences.

Fundraising.  Show the issue or problem and what you are doing to be part of the solution.  Touch the heart of the viewer and get them engaged so they want to take action.

Tour a Property.  Show a property for sale, destination, features and

There are lots of ways to make a video and a variety of approaches.  Create your plan, shoot and edit the video – on your own or with a partner.  Contact me with any questions on how to get started. 

See Eckova Film and Media Production for more details about creating video.

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